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Week 5 All NFL Live Streaming Schedules:

The National Football League ( NFL for their stands for National Football League ) is considered the most important football league in the world. The regular season begins the Thursday after Labor Day , which is the first Monday in September – an exception occurs in the 2012 season, which begins on Wednesday due to a presidential address scheduled on Thursday, . On the official NFL website you can find all kinds of information about the teams, replays, results and game calendars.

For both game fans and followers of a specific team, the start of the NFL season is part of the flavors and colors that comes with the arrival of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. For seventeen weeks, plus all five of the postseason, following the football games reaches an importance directly proportional to the level of hobby you have.

However, following all the matches you want is not always possible: zone restrictions, blocking or simply the lack of access to a television, may prevent you from following the transmissions of your favorite teams.

When looking for a page to watch games on the Internet you must exercise great caution , there are many links with viruses or malware or even charge you for giving you links to services that are free. As a rule of thumb: Never install software that promises you to watch live broadcasts. Even many pages work as concentrators of so-called live TV channels and all they do is take you to pages with scareware or, worse, ransomware .

How To stream NFL Live Online?

Here are five ways to watch NFL Live stream online:

A: NFL Game Pass
Currently there are two modalities: NFL Game Pass International and NFL Game Pass Domestic. On the other hand, NFL Audio Pass is no longer a service offered to fans.

1. NFL Game Pass International
Only available outside the US and its territories, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas and Antigua , NFL Game Pass is the service offered by the official NFL website and is the most complete and reliable, but also the most expensive season ( $ 304.99 USD per Season Plus or $ 244.99 USD pos Season , for one season). If you want to include postseason games – including Super Bowl – you must purchase Season Plus . If you live outside the restricted geographical area, and want to follow the NFL season, do not doubt that this is your best option. Among its services, the most outstanding are:

You can watch, in high definition (HD), 65 pre-season games and 256 regular-season games live or on-demand, plus you can watch 10 postseason games and the Super Bowl on demand.
For the Super Bowl, which is by demand, also include the famous commercial and the show of part time.
DVR functions for live games: pause, return and forward.
Available for mobile devices , for details you can go to the official mobile site.
You can watch NFL Redzone , which is a commercial-free broadcast where you see only the best actions of Sunday games (live).
Condensed games: you can see complete condensed games in about 30 minutes.
Files : You can see replays of all the games that have been carried out since 2009 to date, in high definition.
Coaches film , which shows you exclusive angles of plays. This includes that you can draw (diagram) plays and share them with your friends (iPad only).
Important plays : you can see the most important plays on demand.
Game downloads : so you can watch games on your iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

2. NFL Game Pass Domestic
This NFL Game Pass mode is available in the US and its territories, Mexico, Bermuda, Bahamas and Antigua , however it only gives you access to live preseason games and archived regular season games.

B: NFL Sunday Ticket TV
NFL Sunday Ticket is the service DIRECTV provides so you can watch any of the games broadcast on Sunday except for the Sunday night game, as well as Monday night, Thursday and Saturday. Note that with DIRECTV affiliated companies outside of the United States, conditions and services may vary or may not exist.

For non-DIRECTV subscribers
Available only in the United States , the NFL Sunday Ticket TV is the new variant of what was formerly known as the NFL Sunday Ticket To Go, specifically targeted to users who do not have DIRECTV service (which can not be contracted for housing type restrictions or obstructions of the satellite signal) or living in some areas of metropolitan areas. This service is also available for university students with four-year programs. The best option is to use the button to check eligibility on their official website .

The subscription price for NFL Sunday Ticket TV varies based on which devices you want to use to watch matches. 1) game consoles (PS3, PS4 and Xbox One) only, 2) mobile devices (Android, iPhone or Windows Phone) and computer or 3) all of the above (service known as MAX).

Among its services, the most outstanding are:

Sunday Games (excluding Sundays at night) live in high definition .
You can follow your favorite players .
Game statistics at your disposal, instantly.
Includes Red Zone Channel , which is the transmission of offensive series of annotation in the same channel, live (only MAX).
For DIRECTV subscribers
There is NFL Sunday Ticket Max , which is a version of the service that is given for television, with the variant that “Max” allows you to watch the games on your computer or on your mobile device (previous installation of an application). NFL Sunday Ticket Max is a service exclusively for DIRECTV customers. Among its services, the most outstanding are:

Games in high definition (HD) live or on demand.
Includes Red Zone Channel , which is the transmission of offensive series of annotation in the same channel, live.
You can view up to 8 games simultaneously .
You can follow up to 20 players , those that are of your predilection.
Game statistics at your disposal, instantly.
You can see summarized games in about 30 minutes.

C:Games of Sunday night and of Monday night
The North American television network NBC will broadcast live on Sunday evening games with its service called Sunday Night All Access . This free service is available only to the United States and consists of a high-definition broadcast that offers you four angles of the game in addition to PVR functions.

As for Monday night games , you can watch them on the ESPN service called WatchESPN , which is available only in the United States and only for those who are subscribed to a television service that is on the WatchESPN affiliate list .

D: Try your local TV
Sometimes the television channels have live transmissions on the Internet, although the availability of the transmissions is almost certain to be subject to your geo location. I recommend that you visit the official page of your local television and check if they have a live broadcast to watch American football games.
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